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Medical Multifunctional Power Tools

The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools quick coupling,widely used in joint surgery, trauma surgery, neurosurgery,thoracic surgery. Electric surgical power tools Orthopedic Multi function saw Bone drill Machine 9 different coupler attachments drilling, reaming, pinning, and wound debridement,offering the ultimate in convenience and versatility.The attachment can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Medical Multifunctional Power Tools Features

The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools ergonomic design, design offers comfortable grip, more convenient operation, which could meet various clinicians’ requirements.The Orthopedic multifunctional hand piece and attachments can sterilize.

What Medical Multifunctional Power Tools are used in surgery?

The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools widely used in joint surgery, trauma surgery, neurosurgery,thoracic surgery. Multi-function Orthopedic power tools is Orthopedic drill saw system,change the adapter can for Surgical saw, Orthopedic drill, cannulated bone drill,Sternum saw,Reciprocating saw,Cranial drill,Cranial mill and TPLO saw.

Suitable for any kinds of surgical needs.The K-wire attachments with K-wire apply to size 0.8-3.2mm,The Cannulated drill apply to size 0.8-8mm fit most of chooise cannulated drill bit 2.0mm,cannulated drill bit 2.4mm, cannulated drill bit2.5mm,cannulated drill bit 2.7mm.

Why Choose Medical Multifunctional Power Tools

Except to choose the Medical Multifunctional Power Tools advantage and also our AMIS orthopdevices specialty and the best after-sales service.

Attachment Description

Medical Multifunctional Power Tools5


02.Ni-Mh Battery

03.Battery Charger

04.Sagittal saw attachment

05.Sternum saw attachment

06.Cranial bur attachment

07.Canulate drill attachment

08.Battery aseptic transfer kits

09.Bone drill attachment


11.K-Wire attachment

1.Handpiece   2.Ni-Mh battery   3.Battery Charger   4.Sagittal saw attachment  5.Sternum saw attachment   6.Cranial bur attachment   7.Canulate drill attachment   8.Battery aseptic transfer kits   9.Bone drill attachment   10.Chuck   11. K-Wire attachment

Electric Handpiece:A21M0
Multifunctional: Yes
Weight (with battery): ≤1000 Grams
Speed:0-15000 rpm 
Power source:Battery
Technology: Ni-Mh 
Insert/detachment method:The telescopic
The blocking mechanism: Yes
Autoclavable Aseptic Transfer Kit:Yes
Run time with battery:30-40 min
Battery Charger A12A2
Simultaneously charged batteries: 1
Battery charge status:Indicator light 

A11M1: Canulate drilladapter

The cannlate dril suitable for trauma surgery ,The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools applicable of canulate drill adapter .The canulate drill fitting twist drill bits,K-wire and reamer.

Canulate drill attachment:A11M1
Speed(r.p.m) 0-1200
Operation(V) voltage14.4
Noise(db) ≤40
A11M1-Canulate-drill adapter

A11M2: Sagittal saw adapter

The sagittal saw suitable for joint surgery ,The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools applicable of sagittal saw adapter .The sagittal Saw fitting the type of saw blades :Synthes/Zimmer/Stryker saw baldes

Sagittal sawA11M2
Oscillations (osc/min) 0-15000
Operation(V) voltage 14.4
Noise(db) ≤75
A11M2-Sagittal-saw adapter

A11M4: Acetabulum reaming drill adapter

The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools applicable of acetabulum reaming drill adapter,The acetabular reamer for the acetabulum reaming drill suitable for joint surgery.

Acetabulum reaming drill attachment:A11M4
Speed(r.p.m) 0-290
Operation(V) voltage14.4
Noise(db) ≤20
A11M4-Acetabulum-reaming-drill adapter

A11M6: Cranial bur adapter

The cranial bur suitable for craniotomy,The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools applicable of cranial bur adapter.The cranial bur with milling cutter, each set with two piece of milling cutter.

Cranial burA11M6
Speed(r.p.m) 0-40000
Noise(db) ≤20
A11M6-Cranial-bur adapter

A11M7: Reciprocating saw adapter

The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools applicable of reciprocatiing saw adapter.The reciprocating saw blades and toothbrush saw blades are suitable for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty surgery.

Reciprocating saw attachmentA11M7
Oscillations (osc/min) 0-11000
Operation(V) voltage14.4
Noise(db) ≤20
A11M7-Reciprocating-saw adapter

A11M9: K-Wire adapter

The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools applicable of K-wire adapter.K-wire with k wire adapter is suitable for trauma surgery.

K-wire attachmentA11M9
Speed(r.p.m) 0-1200
Noise(db) ≤40
A11M9-K-Wire adapter


  • There is no MOQ of The Medical Multifunctional Power Tools
  • Timely delivery.
  • Provide a comprehensive after-sales service system.
  • 24 hours online professional team, at any time provide professional answers.
  • There are a number of patented technologies, and the quality is guaranteed.
  • Two years free power drill saw hand piece technical support and six months free accessory support.

If you want to know Medical Multifunctional Power Tools market and serives ,Please contact us


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