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CVT Reduction Forceps Sets

CVT Reduction Forceps Sets Orthopedics Instruments is designed to facilitate the reduction of complex fractures in the craniovertebral junction.

The CVT Reduction Forceps Sets Features

The CVT Reduction Forceps Sets Orthopedics Instruments consists of two types of forceps: a reduction forceps and a fixation forceps. The reduction forceps is used to manipulate and align the fractured bone fragments, while the fixation forceps is used to hold them in place until they are secured with screws or plates. The forceps have specially designed tips that fit into the bone anatomy and allow precise control of the fracture reduction.

Why Choose CVT Reduction Forceps Sets

The CVT Reduction Forceps Sets Orthopedics Instruments has several advantages over conventional methods of CVJ fracture treatment.

The CVT Reduction Forceps Sets Orthopedics Instruments is a breakthrough innovation that offers a safer and more effective solution for treating complex fractures in the craniovertebral junction.  It is expected to improve the quality of life and survival rate of patients with this challenging condition.

Products are constantly updated, more reflected in the after-sales service,Two years warranty for the CVT Reduction Forceps Sets .

Attachment Description

CVT Reduction Forceps Sets
SEQProduct NameSpecificationQuantityUnit
1CVT bone holder reduction forcepSmall2Pcs
2CVT bone holder reduction forcepMiddle2Pcs
3CVT bone holder reduction forcepLarge2Pcs
4CVT cusp reduction forcepSmall1Pc
5CVT cusp reduction forcepLarge1Pc
6CVT cusp reduction forcep with ball headEX-Large1Pc
7Instrument box1Pc


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