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Electrosurgical Unit

The Electrosurgical unit provides proper power output for cutting and coagulating tissue in both monopolar and bipolar surgeries,for many surgical operations.

The Medical High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit, characterized by an isolated output design, supplies adequate power output for tissue cutting and coagulation in both monopolar and bipolar surgeries. It is capable of satisfying the demands of a wide range of surgical procedures. Embracing single-chip microcomputer control technology and modular design, it showcases a simplistic design, effortless maintenance, potent functions, stable performance, and user-friendly operation. Moreover, it is outfitted with versatile accessory jacks. Electrosurgical units (ESU) employ a high-frequency electrical current to dissect tissue and manage bleeding through inducing coagulation. Tissue resistance to the high-density current generates a heating effect, leading to tissue destruction. Electrical current is transmitted and received via cables and electrodes. The electrodes can be actuated either by a handpiece switch or a footswitch. The ESU can operate in either a monopolar or a bipolar mode.

Product Parameters

Ambient temp.range
Relative Humidity Range
Atmospheric Pressure Range
Operating Freq
Rated Power
Power Consumption
≤1100VA (Cutfunction 400)
Transportation and Storage
Ambient Temp.Range: -40°C~55°C

Relative Humidity:≤95%
Atmospheric Pressure:500hpa~1060hpa
Power output
Output Rating
Cut:  400W

Blend 1:250W
Blend 2: 200W
Blend 3: 150W
Electro Coag 1: 150W
Electro Coag2: 120W
Electro Coag3: 100W
Bipolar Coag1: 70W
Bipolar Coag2: 70W

Product Details

Patient plate cable

Main unit has autmatic monitoring function and mistake indication function.

Ordinary double foot switch

Owns memory function,reserves the last time used data.High definition large LED indication.

Disinfection hand control knife

Can cut underwater,includingorganic cut in rich fat area.Automatically adjust poweroutput for different body tissueimpedances to ensure optimalcutting and coagulation effects.

Electrosurgical Unit

How to Choose the Best Electrosurgical Unit?

  1. Power Output and Control: The electrosurgical unit, such as the AMIS model, should provide stable and adjustable power output to meet the diverse needs of different surgical procedures.
  2. Safety Features: Ensure the unit, like AMIS, has built-in safety mechanisms to prevent electrical hazards, overheating, and minimize the risk of tissue damage.
  3. Modes of Operation: It is crucial that the electrosurgical unit offers both monopolar and bipolar modes, as seen in many AMIS units, to accommodate various surgical techniques.
  4. Ease of Use and Ergonomics: A user-friendly interface and comfortable handling are important. AMIS electrosurgical units are often designed with these aspects in mind.
  5. Compatibility and Connectivity: The device should be compatible with other medical equipment and have efficient connectivity options. This is a feature that AMIS typically emphasizes.
  6. Durability and Reliability: Look for an electrosurgical unit, similar to those in the AMIS range, that is built to last and perform consistently over time.
  7. After-sales Service and Support: Good after-sales service and technical support are essential, especially for brands like AMIS.
  8. Cost-effectiveness: Consider the overall cost and value provided by the electrosurgical unit in relation to its features and performance, including models from AMIS.




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